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The Business travel Set is a handy travel set for the travelling process consultant ✈.

This practical transport tube includes everything you need to facilitate sessions or meetings and is easy to take with you on your journey.

With the static whiteboard foil you can turn any window or flat surface into a whiteboard in the blink of an eye! Accompanied by Stattys Notes in a variety of colours and sizes, whiteboard markers and the wiper you can facilitate any session.

Highly recommended!



Bring out unknown knowledge, qualities, opinions and convictions in yourself or others in an active and fun manner.

What is Lego Serious Play
Lego Serious Play is a facilitated communication and problem-solving method focussed on experience, that is mainly suited to complex group challenges or deeper one-on-one sessions.
It’s innovative, very effective and fun to do.

In a group all the group participants build their own 3D Lego model on the basis of the facilitators questions. These models are the basis of group discussions, sharing knowledge, solving problems and making decisions.
In a one-on-one session the coach or therapist has prepared questions, to explore the underlying issue using the Lego method.

Area of expertise
Lego Serious Play is very suitable for generating ideas, solutions and answers to any subject with an unclear solution.
It can be used in many areas, including;
- Strategy and Innovation (to draft f.i. a business strategy, business model, or scenario)
- HR/personnel (to build f.i. the ideal employee, team structures, or as part of evaluation conversations)
- Coaching/Therapy (f.i. for open and deep one-on-one conversations about issues, or to shape your ideal self)
- Research & Development (f.i. to arrange priorities, or to build new ideas)
- … and many others.

If you want to find out more about using Lego Serious Play in your own area of expertise, contact Pascall, at

When to use it
A few examples of how you can use the products of Lego Serious Play:
- To make a communal (business) vision
- Teambuilding; to improve the relationships within your team, and to solve problems
- To visualise your ideal self
- To involve and motivate less outspoken team members in a group
- To draw up and arrange your ideal city
- To visualise factors that influence your company
- To make a SWOT-analysis
- To shape your desired partner
- … and many other possibilities

There is no description with the Window Exploration Bags.

Consultancy / coaching / workshops
Pascall de Groen is a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, and she uses this effective and fun method regularly in workshops and strategical sessions. Besides this she gives workshops and personal sessions in the Lego Serious Play method.

More information
Go to the extended page on Lego Serious Play for more information on the method, or contact Pascall at