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Innovate your team or organisation in a original and involved manner – without using even one post-it!
Innovate or Dinosaur is not only about generating ideas. It also helps you investigate how those ideas can become reality, and help you build up skills to think innovatively at every given moment.
Like Steve Jobs once said; “Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 22.30 at night with a new idea”.

What is Innovate or Dinosaur
Innovate or Dinosaur is an original and effective innovation management game that helps teams, companies and organisations to think creatively and critically, and helps generate ideas and evaluate for current work activities, products and services.

Innovate or Dinosaur consists of two unique parts that can be played separately or together, depending on where you are in the innovation process.

If you want to generate new, original ideas; EXPLORE. If you want to turn ideas into actions; EVOLVE!
The game is designed by sisters Tamara and Shawna Eberle, two Canadian innovation specialists with years of experience in strategy and innovation. Gold Label Creation is the European distributor of Innovate or Dinosaur.

Watch the video ‘excellent return on investment’ made by one of our customers, on the bottom of this page, for a good impression of Innovate or Dinosaur.

Prices in Can$
The prices of Explore and Evolve, the two Innovate or Dinosaur games, and the refills, are given in Canadian Dollars.
If you order (one of) these products, the prices will be converted into euro’s on the basis of the exchange rate of that day.

Which area of expertise
Innovation, strategy, change and improvement trajectories on every level of the company.
Not only do ideas and solutions emerge through Innovate or Dinosaur, also teambuilding and understanding of problems, making the games very suitable for a team or company day.

When to use it
Innovate or Dinosaur can be played in a multitude of ways. You can play it together, in small teams, or in groups up to 200 people, or you can use elements of the game to get creative and results.

To mention a couple of possibilities:
- When you want to create new, viable ideas for problems, issues and challenges in a relaxed and fun way,
- When you want to convert identified opportunities in your market research into innovative actions
- When you want to evaluate interesting ideas in different dimensions in a quick, fun and effective way,
- If you want to visualise the results of an innovation evaluation for everyone
- When you want to innovate a certain aspect of your business, like the customer service or operational system
- When you want to involve your employees to share their ideas, work together in an interdisciplinary way, and to learn from each other
- … and many other possibilities

In playing Innovate or Dinosaur there are winners. These can be players or teams with the fastest time or the best idea. Our experience is that participants/teams like pitching their ideas to the rest of the group, and to conclude the game with a prize or certificate (in which we can assist).

The games and accessories of Innovate or Dinosaur are in English.

Consultancy / coaching / workshops
Are you curious about what Innovate or Dinosaur can mean for your company, practice or organisation? Contact Pascall de Groen at for a noncommittal appointment concerning (assisting) this original and effective innovation game.

Impression of a customer
The short video ‘Innovate or Dinosaur – excellent return on investment’ underneath gives a good impression of the game.