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The Business travel Set is a handy travel set for the travelling process consultant ✈.

This practical transport tube includes everything you need to facilitate sessions or meetings and is easy to take with you on your journey.

With the static whiteboard foil you can turn any window or flat surface into a whiteboard in the blink of an eye! Accompanied by Stattys Notes in a variety of colours and sizes, whiteboard markers and the wiper you can facilitate any session.

Highly recommended!



Create insights and oversight of the basic elements of your company or organization, with a complete, structural and flexible method.

What is Business Model Generation
Business Model Generation is a collection of strategical visual tools that help you design, evaluate, evolve and communicate your current or future business models, with a structured method.
With the internationally renowned Business Model Canvas as the main model.

Which Areas of Expertise
Strategy & innovation, (strategic) product- and organizational development. But the clarifying structured approach also benefits management teams, projectmanagers of big projects, and/or changeprofessionals.

Possible Uses
- Evaluation of the completeness, strengths and weaknesses of your current business model
- Evaluation of competitors on the basis of their business model
- Elaborate and focus on your value proposition and customer needs
- Use the Design Space Cards for a common understanding of your (business) environment
- Invent and design new (parts of your) business models
- Use the insightful methods to communicate big projects or changes within or outside your organization.

The Business Model Generation products are all written in the English Language.
The canvases, instruction manuals and design space cards are mostly in black and white.

Consultancy / coaching / workshops
Get in touch with Pascall de Groen ( to experience the benefits of the canvases and method of Business Model Generation.

For instance for an evaluation of your business model, to design new business models, for workshops about the Business Model Generation canvases, or for getting all employees on board and committed to your (strategic) plans!

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