The Business travel Set is a handy travel set for the travelling process consultant ✈.

This practical transport tube includes everything you need to facilitate sessions or meetings and is easy to take with you on your journey.

With the static whiteboard foil you can turn any window or flat surface into a whiteboard in the blink of an eye! Accompanied by Stattys Notes in a variety of colours and sizes, whiteboard markers and the wiper you can facilitate any session.

Highly recommended!



Gold Label Creation offers special, effective, multi-faceted and inspiring visual tools in the field of strategy, innovation, development and communication.

Experience the benefits:


- deep and efficient communication
- perceptiveness
- understanding
- overview/structure
- knowledge
- versatile
- easy to communicate within your organisation
- teambuilding
- and (of course) fun to use!

What Tools

Business Model Generation;
strategic tools to design and evaluate business models, such as the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas.


Innovate or Dinosaur; an original and effective innovation game, in which original new ideas are generated (without post-its) and critically evaluated.


Lego® Serious Play®; an active method for generating ideas, solutions and answers to subjects without a clear solution.


Stattys Notes;
Static notes that remain adjustable, for all flat surfaces, without needing tape or glue. In an array of sizes, colours and combinations.

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